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Anne’s workshops and presentations are interactive, engaging and downright FUN. She shares her wealth of knowledge about incorporating music-based instruction, books, play, and family involvement to support child development.


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Keynote and Workshop Examples​


 Fidelity Implementation Strategies to Maximize

Benefits and

Multiple Miracles


SING.PLAY.LOVE.® is a program that helps early childhood professionals and parents collaborate to teach important skills for early learning and kindergarten readiness to children age two to six years of age. The program utilizes music to create opportunities to learn and practice early learning skills within loving relationships with the caring adults in a child's life. Learn the songs, books, play activities, and recommended instructional strategies that when utilized in combination, foster mastery of important early learning skills that prepare young children to love learning and be successful in school.



 Supporting Emerging Language the Young Child's Way through Music and Play


The author of the Baby Sing & Sign™ book series shares her easy and practical strategies for incorporating music, signing, and play into the daily lives of young children and their caring adults. Learn the benefits of signing key vocabulary words for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Anne’s engaging songs and fun-filled play activities support the language skills of young children at every stage of their development, including children who are talking. 




 Strategies for Playfully Imbedding Music in Your

Every Day Routines


Anne’s interactive and engaging session will help early educators and caregivers foster deep learning of important developmental skills by incorporating song, playful family involvement, motor movement, and FUN. Learn about the multiple benefits of rich musical experience for the brains and hearts of young children. Anne will share her catchy tunes, play ideas and tried-and-true tips for embedding music and play in your life with young children every day!



 Songs and Strategies to

Support Young Children

with Challenging Behaviors


Discover how to blend intervention and prevention to help children who exhibit challenging behaviors, while guiding all

children toward positive self-esteem and school success. Anne will describe ways music- and play-based strategies can support the work of teachers desiring to implement the Teaching Pyramid model and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Learn how to build supportive relationships with all children as you teach the social and emotional skills children need to learn and grow.



the Young Child's Way

through Music and Play

Anne will show you how to create a meaningful and engaging context for language and literacy learning through music and play-filled activities. Learn how easy and enjoyable supporting early language and a love of reading can be within your daily routines with young children. Her interactive session will include lots of practical tips and techniques for helping children understand and express with signs and spoken words. Anne’s song stories and print materials will inspire expanded vocabulary, phonological awareness, recall of story events, and a love of books.


Fostering Motor and Sensory Development through

Music and Play

Anne will show you how to embed fun motor activity within your daily routines, utilizing music and play-filled activity. Learn the importance of motor and sensory experiences for self-regulation, social relationships, language, strength, coordination and overall health. Explore simple opportunities for large and fine motor development, as well as motor imitation with objects. Learn how music can maximize positive motor outcomes for all children, including those who are atypically developing.

National Conference Presentations


  • National Zero to Three Conference

  • National Association for the Education of Young Children Professional Institute

  • National Head Start Organization

  • Division of Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children

  • National Center for Parents as Teachers

  • American Music Therapy Association

  • National Association for Music Therapy




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