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Let's focus on social-emotional skills.

What are the most important things you

want to teach your young children?

 Start by teaching one skill. Then add another.

SING.PLAY.LOVE. is as easy as 1-2-3.

Familiarize yourself with

your SING.PLAY.LOVE. products.


STEP ONE: Make a plan to play your SONGS


Go to SingPlayLove.Tools to register your kit and access your songs. You can play your songs by logging in and utilizing our platform. You can also download the songs to the device of your choice. Your songs will then be added to the DOWNLOAD folder of your computer (.ZIP). You can also save the folder to FILES or iTunes on your iPad. Click on this file and it will open as a folder of songs. Drag this song folder onto your desktop so that you can easily access the tunes to play with your children. Make a plan to connect a speaker for optimal enjoyment and listening.



Click here to watch a fifteen-minute introduction to the program. You will see how easy it is to teach important skills for social-emotional growth and kindergarten readiness in this fun and engaging way. Program creator Anne Meeker Watson, Ph.D., will share everything you need to utilize the program effectively from the start with your young children.


Go to SingPlayLove.Tools to register your kit and play your videos. You can play your videos by logging in and utilizing our platform. There are instructional videos for each of your books and songs, as well as fun music videos for each book. 



Click here to download and print a complete list of the learner goals for the books and songs in your kit. Your SING.PLAY.LOVE. EDUCATOR KIT provides a new "toolbox" of materials and strategies to support the social-emotional skills you choose to prioritize for an individual student or your entire class. 


Click here to review a summary of curricula, standards, and/or methodologies you may currently be utilizing and their alignment with the learner goals of your SING.PLAY.LOVE. KIT.

STEP FIVE: Download and print PAGES


Go to SingPlayLove.Tools to register your kit and download your print materials. Your print materials include supplemental teaching materials for children, visual schedule directions with song cards, teacher resources, and PLAY & LEARN pages to share with your families. Print copies of these documents as directed. In addition, you will need a cookie sheet and a package of magnets to create your visual schedule. (Dollar Store, here you come!)



Review your SONGS FOR SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING guide to prepare to teach your new songs. The guide has tips for getting started, as well as lyrics, suggested props, and great picture book recommendations to pair with each song and skill.


Read the ACTIVITY GUIDES in the back of each SING.PLAY.LOVE. book. Each guide focuses on the targeted learner goal for the book and provides information and play-based instructional activities across developmental domains for you to share.

Commit yourself to the SING.PLAY.LOVE.

Fidelity Teaching Practices so that you can reap

all of the benefits of the program as it was designed.

1. SING.PLAY.LOVE. Time is one-to-one "face time" between you and your children. Do not use the music or instructional videos to teach during this precious interval. Music videos are for home use and not to be shared at school.

2. Use a visual schedule for your SING.PLAY.LOVE. Time. Visual schedules help children self-organize and reduce anxiety. They are beneficial for all young children but uniquely powerful for some children you serve. Visual schedule directions and song cards are included with your kit. Register your kit at SingPlayLove.Tools to download and print these materials.

3. Sing two songs daily. One song should be mastered and one should be new. In addition, you will always sing your SING.PLAY.LOVE. picture book and the “I Take the Music with Me” song to conclude your session.

4. Always utilize at least one of the following strategies for each song you share:

  • Add motions, signed words, or dancing

  • Add visuals (Several song pages for children are included with your kit.)

  • Add manipulatives such as scarves, "kitchen band" instruments, or other toys or objects to represent key vocabulary words you are teaching

5. Choose a SING.PLAY.LOVE. picture book and targeted skill to share for an entire month. Read, sing, move to, and explore the book and skill daily. Click here for strategies to share your picture books in a variety of ways. 

6. Keep your SING.PLAY.LOVE. time to under 20 minutes, then transition to a child-directed activity. Ones and Twos may engage best when you sing one song or book at a time throughout your day.

7. Generalize your targeted learner goals for each book and song across routines and environments during your day with children. Children must practice new skills at snack, outdoor play, table activities, transitions, dismissal, and at home for mastery to occur.

 SING.PLAY.LOVE. every day to

help your children love learning. 


Click here to take the SING.PLAY.LOVE.

Fidelity Teaching Practices Pledge.

Save your copy for easy reference as you

utilize the program with your children.

Share SING.PLAY.LOVE. with your families.


Share SING.PLAY.LOVE. with the families of your children. Family members can partner with you to teach their children in this fun and engaging way. Communicate this news via email, text, phone, or personal conversation.


Click here to find a sample email or backpack note you can create for families. The text provides an example of a message you could share each month with families as you teach a new book and skill. 

Here are resources for you to share with your families:

Share the free PLAY & LEARN pages for each picture book with families.

Go to SingPlayLove.Tools to register your kit and download your print your pages for families. You are welcome and encouraged to download, duplicate, and distribute these pages to give to your families each month or attach the document to an email or text. 

Families who register at SingPlayLove.Tools can access the song and music video to accompany each PLAY & LEARN page you give to them.


  • The music videos are short and sweet and designed for active participation in the company of caring adults and friends. They are meant to be used as one component of a set of learning experiences that includes singing the text, reading the book, and enjoying the learning activities shared in the PLAY & LEARN page provided.


  • Sharing the recorded song is a great way to encourage families to frequently sing the tune for the book with their children. (Repetition is good. Repetition is good. Repetition is good.) Ask families to talk about the text and its meaning within the context of the activities of the child's day with friends and family.

NOTE: Sharing these videos, song recordings, or images with multiple early childhood professionals violates copyright law and is strictly prohibited. License to share the content listed is limited to a single purchaser/early childhood professional and represents typical use and distribution for children and families served in one classroom.

Purchase SING.PLAY.LOVE. Little Books to give to your children and families. They fit perfectly in a child’s hand. Your families will be able to sing, play, love, and READ at home.  SING.PLAY.LOVE. Little Books are an important evidence-based practice for supporting growth in the targeted skill. In addition, a variety of early literacy goals are positively impacted by every book that a young child owns.


Email for pricing.

Final words from Anne Meeker Watson,

your fearless SING.PLAY.LOVE. leader

I am thrilled you will share SING.PLAY.LOVE. with your young children. It is an honor to partner with you!


I encourage you to add your own creativity and personality to your SING.PLAY.LOVE. teaching. Create new verses to personalize the tune and text for your children.  Add fun visuals or activities involving simple play materials or motor participation. Create learning extensions, centers, themes, and routines around your selected book and skill. Incorporate sensory experiences that help your children learn as they look, listen, touch, and taste.

You are my teaching partner. I am relying on you to work your magic with SING.PLAY.LOVE., just as you do daily with all of the learning experiences you lovingly provide!

Your biggest fan,




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