Welcome to SING.PLAY.LOVE. Party #4!


This week we are going to do four fun things:

1. Move our bodies as we sing a fun song called LITTLE RED WAGON.

2. Practice playing a pretend drum and stopping with our I CAN PLAY THE DRUM SONG. (You will need a drum stick. You can use a wooden or plastic spoon from your kitchen. And you will need a drum. You can use a pillow, place mat, box or paint bucket. Have fun!)

3. Read RHYMING WORDS book to have fun playing with the sounds words make and learn about rhyming.

4. Sing our I TAKE THE MUSIC WITH ME song together.

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  • CLICK HERE to download the RED WAGON and PLAY THE DRUM songs to enjoy at your house.


  • CLICK HERE to view our PLAY & LEARN page for the RHYMING WORDS book. Read about some easy and fun ways you can help your child gain an awareness of rhyming.

  • CLICK HERE to visit our Book Shop and purchase your own copy of our RHYMING WORDS and I TAKE THE MUSIC WITH ME books to sing, read and play at home. Your children like it best when YOU read to them.

  • CLICK HERE to learn how to print your own song cards and make a cookie sheet music schedule like the one Anne shares in her party video. 

      Together we will help your young child learn and grow.





      Anne Meeker Watson. Ph.D.


Here are some more things you can do

to extend the fun and learning.

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