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Focus on one skill.
What is the most important thing
you want to teach your young children?
Start by teaching one skill. Then add another.

It's easy with SING.PLAY.LOVE. Here's how.


STEP ONE: Choose one skill to prioritize based on your knowledge of the strengths and challenges of your children. CLICK HERE to view the Learner Goals for each of the SING.PLAY.LOVE. picture books.


What goal is most important to you for supporting the growth and development of your children? You have 20 skills to choose from across a variety of developmental domains.

The SING.PLAY.LOVE. learner goals in the document provided are aligned with Creative Curriculum's Objectives for Development & Learning. You will recognize comparable learner goals in the assessment you currently utilize to plan instruction. Click here to review the alignment of SING.PLAY.LOVE. learner goals for a variety of curricula, standards and philosophies.​


STEP TWO: Purchase the single SING.PLAY.LOVE. picture book that corresponds with the skill you selected. Or purchase an educator book of five books with many additional teaching tools. 


to purchase a single or multi-book educator kit and get started.


STEP THREE: Review your book, song, music video, and activity guide.


Familiarize yourself with the song text and components of your product. Check out the fun music video. Read the developmental activity guide in the back of the book. Share some of the suggested learning activities with your families so they can partner with you to teach the targeted skill.


You are my teaching partner.
I am relying on you to work your magic with SING.PLAY.LOVE.,
just as you do daily with all of the
learning experiences you lovingly provide!



pig character



A message from
Anne Meeker Watson

Sing.Play.Love Tools - Anne singing to the kids

"I created the SING.PLAY.LOVE.® program for one important reason: I want all young children to love learning.

And as a music therapist and early childhood specialist, I’ve made it my life’s work to figure out the best ways to help youngsters fall in love with learning. 

What I have discovered from working – and playing - with thousands of toddlers and preschoolers is that music is a powerful and important teaching tool. Music can make learning playful, pleasurable … and magical. SING.PLAY.LOVE.® is a unique outcomes-based program that motivates and engages children to learn the skills they need to be successful in school.

I would love to partner with you to help you teach the child or children you love all the things they need to be successful in school and in life. I truly believe that we can work together to teach your child to love learning, as we create a strong foundation of social-emotional and academic skills."

Anne Meeker Watson
Ph.D., MT-BC