Focus on one skill.

What is the most important thing

you want to teach your young children?

Start by teaching one skill. Then add another.

It's easy with SING.PLAY.LOVE.

Here's how.

STEP ONE:  Choose one skill to prioritize based on your knowledge of the strengths and challenges of your children. CLICK HERE to view the Learner Goals for each of the SING.PLAY.LOVE. picture books.

What goal is most important to you for supporting the growth and development of your children? You have 20 skills to choose from across a variety of developmental domains.


The SING.PLAY.LOVE. Learner Goals in the document provided are aligned with Creative Curriculum's Objectives for Development & Learning. You will recognize comparable learner goals in the assessment you currently utilize to plan instruction.

STEP TWO: Review the SING.PLAY.LOVE. picture book that corresponds with the skill you selected.


Familiarize yourself with the song text and components of your product. Watch the instructional video to help you teach the song and targeted skill. Check out the fun music video. Read the developmental activity guide in the back of the book.


If you are new to the SING.PLAY.LOVE. program,

then visit 

to purchase a single or multi-book kit and get started. 

STEP THREE: Let families know the targeted goal you have selected.


Invite parents to partner with you to teach the skill. Communicate this news via email, text, phone or personal conversation. For example, "This week we will focus on teaching your child to wait patiently. Our 'lessons' will be easy and playful, and you can include the entire family. We will utilize items and spaces you have in your home. Let's have some fun as we play and sing together to help your child learn and practice patience."

STEP FOUR: Utilize all of your SING.PLAY.LOVE. tools to partner with families. you can work as a team to teach the skill you select.

  • Share the free PLAY & LEARN pages for each picture book with families. You are welcome and encouraged to copy and paste information and activity suggestions into your correspondence or download the page (PDF) and attach it to an email or text. Feel free to share other learning activities you will find in the developmental learning guide in the back of your picture book. Or send home some fun play-based activity suggestions of your own!

  • Share the music-only video link of the songs for each picture book via email, text or parent handout. They can be found in the back of your "Big Book" or contact to receive the link for the book you own. Encourage families to sing the song with their children as often as possible. (Repetition is good. Repetition is good. Repetition is good.) Encourage families to talk about the text and its meaning within in the context of the activities of the child's day with friends and family.

  • You are welcome to share the music video link for your selected picture book with families for their home viewing. The music videos are short and sweet, and designed for active participation in the company of caring adults and friends. They are meant to be used as one component of a set of learning experiences that includes singing the text, reading the book, and enjoying the learning activities shared in the developmental activity guide provided. The music video link can be found in the back of the Big Book you own.

NOTE: Sharing these videos, song recordings or images with multiple early childhood professionals violates copyright law and is strictly prohibited. License to share the content listed is limited to a single purchaser/early childhood professional and represents typical use and distribution for children and families served in one classroom.

  • Add your own creativity and personality to your SING.PLAY.LOVE. teaching. Create new verses to personalize the tune and text for your children.  Add fun visuals or activities involving manipulatives or motor participation. Make up learning extensions, centers, themes and routines around your selected book and skill. Incorporate sensory experiences that help your children learn as they look, listen, touch and taste.


You are my teaching partner. 

I am relying on you to work your magic with SING.PLAY.LOVE.,

just as you do daily with all of the

learning experiences you lovingly provide!




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